If You Would Like to Do Something Fun, Profitable, Yet Different On Your Sales Letters, Landing Pages, Blogs and Membership Sites This Month...

Here's a 100% Guaranteed Way to Suck in New Buyers With the Least Hassle and Fastest Results...

Skip the Yellow Highlighter and Go For Something That'll Really Stand Out!

Let My "jQuery Tactics" Videos Show You How to Use the Same Exact Web 2.0 Site Building Scripts Used by WordPress, CBS, NBC, Netflix, Bank of America, Dell Computer, and Google!

When was the last time you had to add a piece of code to your site? Did it work right away or did it need tweaking?

How about that landing page or sales letter you just wrote, aren't you itching to apply a couple of simple JavaScript animations to make your headlines catch immediate attention, or effects like pop-ups to gather opt-in subscribers?

You got yourself excited about this one easy little change to make to your page to bring in more subscribers, more buyers, and more money...

But then you said to yourself: Oh yeah. I don't know any fancy scripting, so I guess I'll have to learn.

You tried some online tutorials or maybe paid good money for a JavaScript book at the store, but you were totally lost.

You Wanted Hand-Holding, Instead You Were Given A Reference Manual For People Who Only Think Like Programmers!

Then you tried the cut-and-paste coding sites. You know the type, sites with hundreds and thousands of JavaScript snippets... with scripts that might not work on your site, might be out of date, or were coded by JavaScript newbies just like you. Help forums? More like no-help forums...

So you decided to find a freelance programmer to make your web site tweaks. That might work, but it's really hit or miss. Just for a small user interface change to your blog, software, or membership site, that programmer might try to code up a $500 solution for you. Or he might simply go to one of those "JavaScript snippet" sites and find one of those complicated solutions that doesn't work.

I Know JavaScript is a Curse Word for Most People...

But It Doesn't Have to Be, With These Videos!

What can you do? You need to know a little bit of JavaScript. Just a little. Not enough to be a full-blown expert, but enough to make tiny five-minute tweaks to your own web pages, instead of paying $50 a pop.

Enough to look over your programmer's shoulder or at least provide him with the right tools for creating popups, sliders, color pickers, data pickers, and so on... instead of trying to write them himself.

Doesn't It Suck When You Have A Quick Job For Someone...

... And He Overcharges You, Making Something Simple Into Something Difficult?

I have many clients who simply watch my instructional videos to understand "the right way" for a coder to create a script, so he can give that coder the proper tools to ensure that the project is completed on time, for the right amount and with the least amount of bugs.

On the other hand, others like to get their hands dirty. They want a leg up on their competition, or they want to market their own scripts and WordPress plugins.

(Even a novice can knock out a simple script in an hour or two that would otherwise cost $175 or more.)

Heck, maybe they're freelance copywriters who just want to create some "enhanced sales letters" for their clients...

Do You Fall Into Any Of The Categories Listed Below?

  • internet marketerfreelance copywriteropt-in list builder
  • web 2.0 site owner"casual" programmer
  • just want to watch over programmer's shoulder
  • pay-per-click wanna-beoutsourcing master
  • infoproduct developerJavaScript dinosaur

Whatever your situation is, chances are you are tired of dealing with buggy code, complicated solutions, and lazy freelancers and only trust yourself to apply many of these simple strategies.

When You Make The Correct Decision And Order "jQuery Tactics" Below, You Can Finally Put An End to JavaScript Frustrations and Build Attention-Grabbing Web Pages!

  • Get started with some simple animations to fade text in and out, move it around the screen, grow and shrink, all in just one or two lines of code. Just one of these changes was responsible for a 127% increase in sales, and I'll show you exactly which tactic that is!
  • How adding two lines of Ajax JavaScript code to one of my sales letters increased urgency so much that a product launch with no joint ventures, no affiliates and no advertising netted me 1,423.89 in 60 minutes (147 sales) and $3,159.29 (223 sales) within 24 hours.
  • Apply dozens of easy usability and navigation enhancing techniques most JavaScript books and tutorials would leave you to figure out on your own... plug and play image preloader, table coloring effects, and tooltips to compress more information in the same layout.
  • Increase your e-mail opt-in rate using my form validation, autofocus, and disable submit techniques most marketers haven't even thought of.
  • Instantly make any part of your web page draggable, droppable, or sortable. Join the ranks of sites like Facebook that let you drag pictures around photo albums, or Netflix which lets you drag your list of rented movies around. Make this work with your existing interface, or simply apply my "priorities" technique to any sales letter to boost responsiveness.
  • Use any pre-made jQuery widgets to build your own pop-ups with a couple lines of code, make tabbed Ajax sales letters, magnify thumbnail pictures, and more! Even apply my "mini sidebar sales letter" method for those impatient readers.
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff as I review the top 1% jQuery plugins you need to know about... from Ajax-enabled web forms (perfect for opt-ins on sales letters, video pages, or thank you pages), lightbox image scripts, table sorters, and more...

You Don't Need To Be The Best Marketer...
You Don't Need the Best Product...
You Just Need The Right Weapons!

jQuery is a very easy to use JavaScript framework, but just like anything, without the proper guidance to get you started at first, you will hit many stumbling blocks and get frustrated. My job with these videos, demo scripts, and downloadable PDF e-book is to make sure you avoid those stumbling blocks.

You've Already Optimized The Copywriting On Your Pages, Why Not Optimize The Navigation And User Interface As Well?

I am a Computer Science graduate from California State University Stanislaus. I have over ten years of programming experience and have self-publsihed 25 video infoproducts on programming subjects, many of them in JavaScript. I hold over a dozen technical certifications including those in JavaScript and AJAX.

This all means I am more than qualified to get you on the right track with jQuery, and it means I can present my videos in an entertaining "fast and loose" format that doesn't have to satisfy an editor's opinion or a publisher's page-count requirement.

I don't waste a single second of video and give you everything you need to know, in as short a time as possible.

What You'll Discover # of demos Video Length
Chapter 1: Simple Animations 5 37:09
Chapter 2: Ajax 1 16:50
Chatper 3: Looping 3 43:17
Chapter 4: Forms 5 24:39
Chapter 5: UI Core 6 21:37
Chapter 6: UI Widgets 7 29:05
Chapter 7: Best Plugins 7 50:00
Total 34 script demos! 4 hours of video!

jQuery Tactics contains 4 hours of step by step screen capture videos, a 50 page PDF report and 34 demo scripts to get you started with the jQuery JavaScript framework to easily and effectively add eye-catching effects to your web pages.

100% Risk-Free, DOUBLE Guarantee

You're Protected With Not One,
But TWO Money-Back Guarantees

1) 30-Day, "Get Results Fast From jQuery" Money-Back Guarantee. If you can't get the hang of jQuery in 30 days, just email me -- you'll receive a prompt, courteous refund. And you get to KEEP your copy of "jQuery Tactics" as my gift to you, just for saying "maybe" and giving this a try!

2) 56-Day, "Love It Or Shove It" Money-Back Guarantee. Take even longer, if you'd like. You have up to 56 days -- 8 full weeks -- to add amazing conversion-producing effects to your web pages.

If you're not absolutely delighted with "jQuery Tactics" and feel you're not getting at least 10 times the value for what you paid, just email me -- you'll receive a prompt, courteous refund. And you still get to KEEP your copy of the videos, the book, and the scripts as my gift to you.

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